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Description: Formulated to overcome exhaustion, lack of interest, and depression. The stimulating fresh aroma of this salt bath revitalizes the mind + body, allowing you to shake off the slumber and take on the rest of the day in high spirits. The mineral-rich salts work hard to detoxify the body by naturally realigning the physical and subtle energy. Melts away stress & alleviates aching muscles.

Directions/Preparation: Add bath mixture into warm bath water and allow to steep for 5 minutes. Once in the bath, close your eyes, tap into the heart field, set an intention, and relax.

Benefits: Helps the body overcome exhaustion, lack of interest and depression. Detoxifying & aids muscular aches.

Tip: Follow with your Merkaela body oil/butter to seal in moisture. Alternatively, use as a foot soak (1-2 tbsp) with all of the same benefits. ----

Ingredients: Cinnamon leaf, sage, Lemongrass essential oils, Mediterranean Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, Dendritic Salt.
*For external use only.

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