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Experience restful sleep with a clear mind and a happy heart. The relaxing aroma of the lavender blend imparts an overall sense of wellbeing. The mineral-rich salts work hard to detoxify the body. Naturally realigning the physical and energetic body. Melting away stress while taking care of aching muscles.

Directions/Preparation: Add as much or as little bath mixture as you like into warm bath water and allow steeping for 5 minutes. Once inside, close your eyes, tap into the heart field, set an intention, and relax.

Benefits: Relieve insomnia, irritability, muscular aches, and anxiety. Calming to the body, easing to the mind, & detoxifying. ----

Ingredients: Organic: Lavender essential oil blend, Lavender buds, Passionflower, Mediterranean Sea Salt, Himalayan salt, Epsom Salt, Dendritic Salt.
*For external use only.

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