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Lavender Meditation Elixir


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Product Description

The Lavender Elixir has been formulated to calm and balance the energy of the heart. The heart is the central function responsible for maintaining our overall mental-emotional equilibrium. The relaxing floral aroma of our Lavender Elixir delivers you to a still place that encourages feelings of well-being and complete self-expression.

How to Use: To deepen your meditation/therapeutic practice, spray anywhere in the room, on the crown of the head, heart space or where you feel called.

Benefits: Helps you calm emotions, an adaptogen of the heart.

Tip: Best used during your meditation practice. Can be used as an antibacterial spray.

Ingredients: Lavender Essential oil, Purified water, Rosemary extract, Himalayan salt, Alcohol, Moon energy.

*For external use only.

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